Tan Lines


- How many days prior should I tan before my event?

Frequently Asked Questions

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We recommend 2 days prior to your event. For example, you have a wedding to go
to on a Saturday, you would want to book an appointment on the Thursday prior.

- Will I be orange or look un-natural?

Definitely not, as long as you follow the post tan application directions. Our solutions are a rapid development, you'll rinse off in 4 hours or less, no longer.

- How long will the tan last?

With proper care our spray tan should last between 5-7 days. Like a suntan, a sunless tan fades gradually as your skin cells shed. To help maintain your tan, apply lotion twice daily. Want a long-lasting glow? Regularly scheduled follow-up tans will get you there. Any exfoliation will expedite the removal of the tan. So the less you are exposed to extreme heat, water, sweat, excessive rubbing, shaving, the longer your tan will last

- Will it stain my clothes, pajamas, sheets, etc?

The topical bronzer may rub off on your clothing however after you rinse off there should be no transfer at all. Night sweats may secrete a small amount onto your sheets but this solution will rinse off of any and all clothing.

- Can I get a spray tan while pregnant or nursing?

Heck YES! Our products are non-toxic, organic, vegan and certified by PETA. However seeking professional medical advice is always recommended

- Why would I want to get a clear spray tan?

Our clear spray tan option is the perfect answer to the busy professional who is fitting in a tan on a break in their day. This results in a completely clear application. You are able to go about your day with no one the wiser and your tan will be fully developed within 8-12 hours after rinsing off in the shower.

- How long does the spray tan appointment take?

Its super quick! About 15 minutes. 

- Can you come to my location?

We can definitely book a mobile appointment for an additional travel fee.


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